Banei Horse Racing【J-Lavender 2021 Growth Diary】

I would like to see a photo record of their growth since June 2022.

I hope they will grow nicely until next year's proficiency test.

Summer 2022 - until entering the stables

June 2022

After voting with the shared members, the decision was made to make Jay Lavender's first foal, "Jay Lavender 2021", our first new horse.

We visited the ranch for the procedure.

The rancher commented that although it was his first foal, he was not small, and that he seemed to respond well because of his thin skin, which made me feel good about him (laughs).

Procedure completed. Isn't he handsome?

May he grow up to be handsome.
Still feeling very young.

August 2022

Horses can change in a month…

I don't know how much he weighs, but I hope he will be over 700kg by April.

The volume of the hips has increased.
Good looking...

September 2022

Finally, the acclimation process has begun.

He is no longer just a leisurely grazer; he has taken the first step toward becoming a racehorse.

He is quite a spirited boy, and his temperament seems to be quite rough.

We are very much looking forward to seeing him, because in Banei horse racing, it is better to have a strong temperament.

I still need to put on some muscle.

October 2022

He is gradually growing taller and getting into good shape.

He is waist-high, so he is still growing. I am looking forward to it.

Keep eating.
Nice hips, right?
You can still grow up.

November 2022

Finally, they started practicing taking their mouthpiece and walking.

He is surprisingly obedient (^^;

I hope he doesn't go flying off the handle during the race…

Exercise with a person behind you, giving you commands.

They are tethered to a light truck like this and walked with a person behind them giving them directions with a mouthpiece.

It is said to be a safe method for both horses and people, but if all the horses were to do this, the amount of exercise for the people would be half of what it is.

It's amazing.

Go for it!

First, he wants to improve his physical strength, and once he and the horse are able to communicate with each other through the mouthpiece, he will be able to pull the sled next.

Keep up the good work.

December 2022

Training has begun, and the countdown to entering the stables has begun.
The sleds are being pulled, but they seem to be running wild to the point of surprise (laughs).

hips are getting bigger.

He is still waist high, but his hips are getting bigger.
I think it would be cool if he could put on a little more muscle in front of his chest.


Looking at his face, he is still very young.
I think he will enter the stables around February, so go for it!

End of Jan. 2023

Stables coming soon! See how much he's growing now!

Huh? Shrunken? (^^;

Well, if you go to see it, it's huge! I think you will be surprised.

We are aiming to enter the stables in February and have a capability test in April.

Thank you all for your support.






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